1. Raising awareness regarding contemporary issues affecting post-9/11 veterans in order that fire chiefs better understand their military veterans.
    2.  Connecting our nation’s post-9/11 veterans to appropriate mental health services that will enhance and sustain their transition in the professional fire service.
    3.  Ensuring that our nation’s post-9/11 veterans are aware of the opportunities afforded by the U.S. fire service by providing them an overview brief of the professional fire and rescue service during transition classes aboard U.S. military installations. Such transition briefs are in conjunction with the Hope for the Warriors Above and Beyond Program.
    4. Marketing best human resource management practices in fire departments and jurisdictions that are going above and beyond in ensuring that our nation’s military veterans are afforded access to a hiring process that recognizes the value of their service.
    5. The Werewolf Initiative: Offering mentorship to post-9/11 veterans seeking employment in the professional fire service with the “Werewolf Initiative”. “Werewolf Mentors” include post-9/11 veteran firefighters as well as present and former members of the fire service who also served in the U.S. military. Additionally, post-9/11 veterans currently pursuing academic study are eligible to attend Leadership Under Fire conferences and training events at no expense via the “Werewolf Initiative”.
    6. The “Werewolf’s Legacy”: Sgt Bill “Werewolf” Cahir was instrumental in the development of Leadership Under Fire. His extensive combat experience coupled with his strong intellect made him a trusted warrior and colleague. Bill’s impact on countering the Sunni insurgency on the Fallujah battlefield was remarkable – Bill truly was the epitome of a U.S. Marine. General Petraeus’ counterinsurgency field manual states that “rank is not necessarily an indicator of talent.” Sgt Bill Cahir exemplified this theme – few if any sergeants had the range of impact that Bill had on USMC operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bill was killed on 13 August 2009 while in action against the enemy in Helmand Province, Afghanistan while serving with 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. He left behind his wife Rene, and beautiful twin daughters whom he never met.