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The Mission of the Paddy Brown Program is to honor the shared bond between the first responder sector and our nation’s military by affording post-9/11 veterans increased access to employment opportunities in the professional first responder sector.

The project honors the iconic legacy of Captain Paddy Brown of the FDNY who made the supreme sacrifice on 9/11. Paddy’s transition from the battlefield as a U.S. Marine in Vietnam to the professional fire service fostered a lifelong commitment to public service.

More details about the program can be found here.


The intent of the Paddy Brown Program is to assist you in finding and securing employment and professional development opportunities in fire service, law enforcement, and emergency services. This mentorship program is a great opportunity to network with other veterans and first responders, to receive the most up to date information and resources.  You will benefit from the support of a mentor who understands your situation and has made the successful transition from military life to a first responder position.

There are certain expectations of you in order to be accepted and remain in the Paddy Brown Program.  These are outlined below.  For more information, please contact us at

Duties & Expectations of a Mentee:

Once you have been paired with a Local Mentor, you must be in contact with him/her at least once a month.  Communication can be in person, by phone or electronically. Mode of communication can be determined by what works best for the mentee/mentor.

Your mentor is there to help you. We ask you to keep an open mind to suggestions and ideas given.

You must keep your mentor up to date with any status changes.

If there are any challenges or difficulties that you encounter, either in your search for employment or during your professional development, PBP is here to help.

    Please note that all the information you provide will be considered confidential to the Paddy Brown Program. The more information you can provide about yourself, the better we can get to know you, your needs, abilities, etc. and will help us with placement.

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    Do you currently (or previously) attend school under the GI Bill?

    If so, area of concentration/ degree.

    Are you currently in the fire service?

    If yes, volunteer or paid and how long have you been involved.

    Do you have Fire or EMS service training?

    If so, please detail experience.

    We would like to know what other services that may be of help to you. legal, counseling, financial? Anything you would like to share is greatly appreciated because we want to know who you are.