Become a Mentor


Local Mentors– Your goal as a Local Mentor is to guide and help the individual mentee to become the best candidate possible for employment as a fire/law/emergency service member. Your experience and knowledge are your most valuable tools in your performance as a mentor. Use them as best possible.  The Paddy Brown Program (PBP) is here to give you as much support as possible so you can help your mentee succeed emotionally, physically and professionally.

Duties & Expectations of a Mentor:

Keep in mind the mission statement of the PBP-our desired end state is to obtain and maintain public service employment for transitioning veterans.

You will be assigned to one of 6 geographic regions, reporting directly to a Regional Mentor.

You will be assigned anywhere from 1 to 5 mentees based on mentee needs and geographical location as well as your personal preference and availability.

Your role is to support your mentee by guiding and helping the individual become the best candidate possible for employment as a fire/law/emergency service member.

You will be required to be in contact with your mentee at least once a month, unless otherwise requested. Communication can be in person, by phone or electronically. Mode of communication is to be determined by what works best for both parties.

Your first step is to complete a mentee assessment to better understand their needs, goals, abilities/inabilities. Regional Mentors are available to help Local Mentors with the assessment when needed.

Progress reports must be kept and submitted to the Regional Mentors quarterly in the form of a Quarterly Action Report (QAR). The reports enable PBP to track the progress of each mentee and ensure the necessary support is available for both parties.

As a Mentor of the PBP, you will be vetting your assigned mentee for additional support. This support may include financial support for external classes as well as sponsorship to conferences and other programs designed to aid in training and career development. Financial support to these programs is limited so PBP relies heavily upon the recommendations of mentors to determine where funds should be directed.

Continue your relationship with your mentee beyond their initial offer of employment.  Feel free to adjust contact requirements as you see fit. It is important that we continue to support our mentees throughout their careers.