We are connecting communities.

The Paddy Brown Program utilizes national vetted relations to connect the PBP community.

Transitioning from the military can be challenging and stressful for veterans especially having limited networks to help with the integration back into the community.  Many transitioning veterans feel the general public doesn’t understand their experiences and needs. This is the importance of Paddy Brown Program matching transitioning veterans with mentors who have walked the same road.  Making connections with the surrounding community is imperative to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Creating camaraderie with fellow veterans helps ease the transition burden.  Interacting with people who are facing or faced the same issues can help tremendously.  We try to connect our members to other organizations that may provide assistance in areas that PBP can not.

Camaraderie and communication with fellow veterans who have faced or are facing the same issues helps lighten the burden.  That is the significance of the mentorship and getting involved with training and development programs that bring the veteran community together, sharing their knowledge and experience in regards to finding work and life.

Paddy Brown Program finds job listings for first responder positions across the nation.  We share the listings we have with our members on social media and mentors work specific regions with their mentees using listings, contacts and connections.

Volunteering in your desired field provides you with valuable experience, knowledge and connections.
****Please feel free to share any opportunities or organizations that would be a good fit with PBP.

If you run, belong to, or know of an organization that would be a great fit as part of our community, please feel free to contact us with the information. The more connections we have the larger our network becomes, the more we can do.