• Offering our nation’s post-9/11 veterans currently pursuing academic study with access to Leadership Under Fire,
    Inc. conferences and training events at no expense via the “Werewolf Initiative”. http://www.leadershipunderfire.com/werewolf.php
  • Ensuring that our nation’s veterans leaving active duty are aware of the opportunities afforded in the U.S. fire
    service by offering them an overview brief of the professional fire and rescue service during transition classes
    aboard U.S. military installations.
  • Marketing best human resource management practices in fire departments and jurisdictions that are going above
    and beyond in ensuring that our nation’s military veterans are afforded access to a hiring process that recognizes the
    value of their service (i.e. Chicago and Charlotte).
  • Providing pro bono legal counsel to post-9/11 military veterans who believe that they have been legally wronged in
    the hiring process.
  • Applying political pressure that encourages jurisdictions to waive residency requirements for veterans who have
    recently left or are leaving active service.
  • Encouraging and enabling fire departments to recruit and/or offer written testing on military installations for
    veterans preparing to leave active service.
  • Raising awareness regarding contemporary issues affecting post-9/11 veterans in order that fire chiefs better
    understand their military veterans. For instance, fire service leadership must understand the advancements in
    medicine that now enable many physically wounded service members to perform the essential tasks associated with
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